Dave Ulloa hikes up Runyon Canyon

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Dave Ulloa hikes up Runyon Canyon

I never personally liked to hike.  To me, that didn’t feel like a workout.  So when my wife asked me to go hiking, I told her it didn’t feel to me like a workout, so I did sit-ups and pushups prior.

I have been an athlete all my life.  And the site of spending all this time walking up a mountain and then coming back down, seemed a little boring, to be honest.

So this morning she took me to Runyon Canyon by the Hollywood Hills.  I had an amazing time!  It was an incredible workout, took us a little while to get up the mountain, and we did three miles in a short time…all in the beautiful California sunshine.

I look forward to exploring hiking trails all over the world.  Had no idea what I was missing.  The view, the mountains, the workout…I love my wife!

Dave Ulloa

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