How to Go from Good Entrepreneur to Great Entrepreneur

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How to Go from Good Entrepreneur to Great Entrepreneur

Can you imagine what life would look if you were prepared as you jump through different obstacles on your journey to entrepreneurship?

The answer is here on this new blog episode of

There are too many people that allow life, people and other outside factors to determine the journey of their business.

In this video blog you will learn:

  • The biggest secret I got from my coach when going from good player to GREAT player
  • How applying this secret to business has helped me become a millionaire but more importantly, impact thousands around the world
  • Avoid a mistake most new entrepreneurs make as they build their business

Yvette and I were renting scooters in Venice Beach and she was concerned about the traffic, people and craziness around us as she was learning to ride one. I hope you enjoy the lesson above…

I would like to know:

What’s one specific thing in your business or your life that would improve if you became better at handling obstacles that came your way?

Leave a comment here and let me know.


No matter how great your life and business is, you’re always going to encounter pain and struggle.  The question is, how are you going to respond?

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