How Far Would You Go to Save the Person You Love?

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How Far Would You Go to Save the Person You Love?

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How far would you go to save the person you love?

Seven Years ago my wife, Yvette, was diagnosed with an incurable disease. We heard the words but did not accept his diagnosis. We went on a journey searching for answers and a better solution than what western medicine was giving us. Every Doctor suggested a very invasive 3 part surgery that had many potential side effects and would take a year to recover from. As a former Police officer and government employee we did not have the resources nor the time or connections to search the world for a better solution, a holistic less invasive answer. Grateful 12 years ago we got out of our comfort zone and stepped into the entrepreneur world. We did not know it at the time but because of that decision, it saved my wife’s life (I’ll share that specific story at a later date). As we traveled the world meeting some amazing doctors, homeopaths, and holistic practitioners we felt as if we were getting closer and closer. Each getting her mind, body and soul ready to receive the final gift that brought all the pieces to the puzzle together.

A few years ago we found a healing facility in South America that was so far out there, but we decided that surgery was always an option but it was going to be the last option. This facility was the missing piece to the puzzle that all other roads led us to. At first, we resisted. We decided that surgery was the only way to go. We requested our prayer warriors to pray for Yvette and scheduled her invasive 12-hour surgery with UCLA medical who had the best doctors for Ameloblastoma. The Friday before her surgery the doctors dropped the ball. They failed to request a blood test, citing Yvette is healthy and did not require one. We requested a new scan to see if the tumor had grown. Doctors informed us they were ok with using the one done 6 months ago…. What?!!! Are you kidding me? I immediately got on the phone and let them have it. How could doctors be so uncaring and careless? I realized that God and our prayer warriors were at work. We decided to follow the flow and step into faith. One person one connection later and Yvette was in South America. The only way to describe our journey is pure GRACE.

A few months ago we decided that in order for her to completely heal we needed to physically move to South America. We initially would visit every few months and return home. It was like a roller coaster of up and down. She would get better and then worse when we’d leave the facility. We decided to give away and sell everything. We left our Playa Vista, California Luxury apartment home. We gave up our luxury cars and a lifestyle that most would be envious of. However, none of that matters when the person you love the most is in pain. We feel one of our missions in life is to bring hope and inspire others who may be hurting and in pain, physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. We’ve decided to take this pain and make it a gain. We hope you’ll follow our journey as we travel around the world sharing fun, adventurous experiences and the many things we learn along the way, including updates on her healing progress.

Our outcome is to inspire and bring more light and love to the world. Yes it’s true you can have it all and even if you have a piece of life that is out of balance you can bring it back with our success formula. Desire + Believe + Action = Success.

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