About Dave

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About Dave

Hi, I’m Dave Ulloa.

It is my main mission in life to help people achieve their dreams by adding massive value to you and giving you the tools and secrets you can immediately use to improve your life and business.

What exactly does it mean?  That I’m going to DE-LI-VER!  And help you break-through to the next level and THRIVE!  It’s time for your next level, isn’t it?

My dad immigrated to New york from Ecuador and my mother migrated  from El Salvador.  Both came to America to live the american dream.  They were blue collar workers working as a dishwasher and bus boy and cleaning houses.  This is where I learned the value of hard work and being of service.


Thriving Secrets, Street Smart Ways and Contribution = Fulfillment!  I will show you the street smart way to succeed, cut months off your learning curve, and the mindset it takes to own it.  Not just own your life, OWN IT!  (this means EVERYTHING you want!)

Growing up in New York I gained street smarts quickly and played sports to stay out of trouble.  At age 12 our parents moved us to California so we could live a better life.  My father taught me powerful success formula that I applied when I started to play basketball.  D + B + A = S.  Desire + Belief + Action = Success.  He taught me to go after my dreams no matter how big or small they were.  Being only 5’ 8” tall and Latino, I was not the model professional basketball player.  However at the age of 14 years old that became my dream: as crazy as it seemed, to play professional basketball someday.   In 1992 I hit a 75 foot game winning shot while playing Pasadena high school which planted the seed that anything was possible.

I’m here to show you ANYTHING can be achieved!  80% of winning is mindset, 20% is skills.  Can I show you how?  Read on!

At age 17 I went on to play basketball at California Lutheran University as starting point guard, where I met the second most influential male figure in my life,  Coach Mike Dunlap.  He taught me the power of leadership, commitment, focus and tenacity. I continued to believe that I would somehow play professional basketball while most people thought I was crazy and said, “go get a JOB.”  In 1996 I got a professional basketball contract for 5 years to play with an expansion team in Australia.  Can you believe it, this 5’8” latino kid from New york was getting paid to play.  When you put your mind and heart into anything you can achieve it.


It takes a certain type of vision to stay ahead even when the odds are against you.  One of my biggest blessings is to help people stay ahead while they thrive.

After returning home from the states I met the love of my life, Yvette Ulloa.  She swept me off my feet and were quickly engaged and married.  Back in California I began my career in law enforcement and joined the dangerous and adventurous streets of the Los Angeles Police Department.  I became a master problem solver.  Using my street smarts and athletic ability I was a “hard charger”  taking any and all calls to serve and protect.  I gained an appreciation for people but also started to become desensitized to people and life.

Officer Ulloa

Seeing the horrible things that people would do on a daily basis this lifestyle started to take a toll on me.  I decided that this was not the path that I wanted to take for the next 20 to 30 years.  I made a decision that I wanted things in my life to change.  I was struggling financially, $70,000 in debt.  Which caused a strain in my relationship with my wife as well as health issues that followed.  I was looking for change.  It’s amazing that when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

Are you ready to thrive?  When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  Actually, I’d like to differ.  The teacher was always there.  It was that the student was not yet ready.

Third most influential figure in my life showed up in the form of a 6’8” man named Tony Robbins.  I started to regain my personal power after being beaten down for so many years.  I started to realize that greatness was inside of me and if i wanted things to change I would have to change from the inside out.  That is where my transformation journey began.


I stepped into the entrepreneur world.  First I failed forward.  Then I started to succeed.  While I succeeded I decoded a special formula that helped us transform our mind, our life and helped us speed up our results. I have not made it my mission in life to help people jump into the entrepreneur world, but not just that.  To TRULY live a fulfilled life.  I will break down the success formula for you and help you create massive change in life.  All while contributing and having a major impact in the world.  Only keep on reading if you are ready to enter the journey of a life time.  One of passion, one of fulfillment, where it’s not just about the money, but about changing the world.  Your mission and your passion can lead you to the life you want.


Ready to be accountable?  Ready to truly step beyond your fears and break through to the next level?  Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime.  Where entrepreneurship, passion, contribution and massive success mix into a melting pot of amazingness, power and joy.  Cross the bridge.  I believe in you.