Florence Italy Tour travel review, Castillo de Nero

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Florence Italy Tour travel review, Castillo de Nero

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What’s up!!!!!   At the end you can watch a short video we made of our last vacation this summer in Tuscany (please note all our videos are made with our small camera, sorry not professional — but promise to be fun!).  Nestled in Florence, Italy it is one of the most romantic places we have ever visited.  We gave it a full travel review through this blog video, and you will certainly feel like you went back in time and visited a far-away story-tale land.

When we reached Rome and decided to take the scenic route, we knew we would give this entire tour an incredible travel review.  We rented a car at Rome airport and guess what — NO GPS!  They gave us a little map and there you go!  Get there however you can.  Other rentals did offer GPS but they were all out.  We were on a venture of a lifetime…finding a three-hour away spot in a country where we spoke Spanish and English and a rare combination of both that we made up — but no Italian.

Driving and following the pretty green map the car rental company gave us, we literally had to stop a couple of times to take in the scenery that took our breath away.  If we can recommend anything in this travel review of a tour in Italy, take the scenic route from Rome to Florence.

We decided to stay at the luxury five star Castello Del Nero which is an old castle turned into a very special luxury hotel overlooking valleys of private vineyards.  They make their own wine.  They make their own olive oil.  The cheese and the vegetables are fresh — the bread baked that morning.  And the views…breath-taking!

Watch this video for the pictures and our rating…you will be surprised to know that…there were snakes near the castle!  And that is no fairy tale…


Italy Tour Travel Review

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