What Not to Do When Protecting Your Assets

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What Not to Do When Protecting Your Assets

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17 years ago I was a broke cop. I wanted to get out of debt, I wanted to have freedom, I wanted to be rich. I was tired of living a mediocre life. I attended a seminar that included many speakers teaching wealth building strategies. From Real-estate, getting out debt, to asset protection.

One of the speakers captivated me. He talked about how many people build wealth only to lose it. Whether it be a law suit, or trusting the wrong business partner, it’s always a great idea to PROTECT YOUR ASSETS. He shared how much it would cost to pay an attorney to have true rock solid asset protection. At the end, I was so pumped up and excited. I knew one day I would be rich. I could feel it, taste it, own it. But at that time I was $70,000 in credit card debt. Using one card to pay the other. More month at the end of my money.

The speaker sold his asset protection program, $3000. I found myself running to the back of the room and using multiple credit cards to buy the asset protection system. It was a huge brief case with all the templates, documents and videos on how to do it myself, so I could save thousands in attorney’s fees. I was so excited to go home and let Yvette, my wife, know our great investment.

This huge brief case was heavy and bulky. I walked in and with so much excitement and enthusiasm shared how we were going to be protected from losing our assets. I’ll never forget Yvette looking at me and saying, “what assets? You spent how much? For what?” Learned quite a few lessons that day. The reality was we were not in a position to spend that kind of money for that program. I am big believer in personal development and investing in yourself. However, I was never able to implement any of the strategies this system provided. However, I quickly told Yvette, “True, we don’t have assets right now. But can’t you see how much wealth we are going to build in the next few years? We’re gonna be right, I promise you. There will come a day when we will have assets to protect.”

You must have vision for your future and believe that you deserve it. Hope you enjoy this video and the lesson we learned. Start today to build assets today that you can protect tomorrow.

And, oh by the way, if you want to protect them, I still have the brief case if you want to buy the ASSET PROTECTION SYSTEM….. lol

Dave Ulloa

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