Lessons From Pickleball

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Lessons From Pickleball

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Lessons learned in Pickle Ball.

A few phrases that we learned along the way:

“Down the middle solve the riddle”

“The Divorce line”

When playing couples pickle ball it’s a “thing” that pickle ballers know as a strategy to hit the ball down the middle between both players.

What happens next is a lesson in relationships. As the ball is hit down the middle of both players, many times the couple will look at the ball and expect the other player to hit it. When they both do this it creates a pause, uncertainty and usually the other team get’s the point, as they watch the ball bounce out of bounds.

The Divorce line now has come into play. The couple blames one another. Sometimes they start to bicker at each other,

“‘Why didn’t you get it?”

“It was closer to you.”

“You should have gotten it!”

How often do we blame our partners because of missed expectations or the “you should have known syndrome.”
What if as partners we negotiated prior to the ball being hit down the middle. We know there will be challenges, disagreements and arguments.

One of the most powerful communication tools we teach in our Warriors and Queens events is the “Art of a Great Ask.” This helps to reduce the amount of missed expectations and help us appreciate our partners even more. #warriorsandqueens.


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