Recipe for Disaster or Recipe for Success: You Choose

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Recipe for Disaster or Recipe for Success: You Choose

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My Oatmeal came out looking like a mess.

Came back and this is the slop I found ?

In life, and especially relationships, there is a recipe for success, a recipe for happiness, joy, love and partnership. Many were never taught the true recipe, others just dont seek it, and few learn it but don’t implement it.

What if there was a recipe to have a loving, thriving, trusting and growing relationship with your partner? Would you want to know?

Way too many times we see two people who love each other, are good people and yet can’t seem to get along. It all starts out with fireworks, love, passion, excited newness. Then after a few months it starts to wear off and the bickering starts. The silent treatment, little things that didn’t bug you before now start to scream at you. You can’t understand where the butterfly feelings went and you want it back.

Each day a new complaint, a new argument and new stressor draws you further and further apart. You can see it happening but you don’t know what to do to turn it around. After a period of time some couples quit trying as if they believe that the game cannot be won, “Nothing I do makes her/him happy.” If we can’t win we either give up inside and remain good friends or we flat out quit and jump to a new relationship where the pattern repeats itself.


This is why Yvette and I created Warriors and Queens. To help people get rid of the junk so they can create #unshakeable relationships. To learn, implement and own the true recipe for success and happiness in your relationship. We lift the mysterious veil that few couples have figured out, in a simple, easy to understand and live format.

Join us in November for an epic weekend that could just save you years of pain, frustration and suffering.

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