What Warriors Ought to Know About Surrendering

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What Warriors Ought to Know About Surrendering

What Warriors Ought to Know About Surrendering

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What Warriors ought to know about Surrendering:

I have been working with an incredible group of men who attended a retreat I hosted “Warrior’s Code.”  This group is so tight, a brotherhood that is honoring of each other, and we support each other through life.

I shared this quote with our fellow Warriors Code community and was asked, “I don’t understand why surrender? what does it mean in this context?”

“One of the truths I’ve witnessed again and again in the human experience is that those who face the darkest parts of their life with courage, acceptance and surrender – always experience massive growth & transformation in their life there after.”

Let’s start with what it doesn’t mean:

  • Giving up
  • Losing
  • Failure

As Warriors when we surrender, we surrender to God, to the flow of life.  We tune into the signs, the messages and the clues that are revealed to us.  We Surrender to our higher power and stop trying to force or deny what is in the best and highest good.

As we grow up we make decisions, create beliefs and attach meanings on what we believe to be bad things.  Things that should not happen, or things we do not like and attach a meaning that we want to avoid it.  Like seeing a snake in the ground that scares the heck out of us and immediately decide snakes are bad. 

Later in life we are randomly walking on the sidewalk and see a garden hose from the corner of our eye and we immediately start to play that old movie of the snake we saw. 

Our heart starts to beat faster, we walk quicker and do our best to get out of that situation. 

When we finally realize that it’s only a garden hose we are relieved but we already created realized this memory and our body goes into flight or fight.

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The truth is when things happen to us in life, it’s not good or bad it just is.  Our belief if that everything happens for a reason and purpose and it’s meant to serve us, teach us a lessons and help us to evolve and grow.  We as humans attach meanings and what if what we deem bad or shouldn’t happen is exactly what we need to have progress.  But because we don’t surrender and attempt to control our environment and what happens to us, we sometimes create more chaos than necessary.

On the other end when something happens that we like, it makes us feel good, we get significance, we decide that we want to experience that more and more and then we create attachments.  Many go around trying to catch that same high, that same feeling, that can never be recreated.  We try to force and push things to happen instead of paying attention to the subtle signs and messages that are directing us flow with life’s adventure.  

In this video I share some experiences that help to better understand what surrendering means.  When we surrender and realize that life doesn’t have to be a struggle, there is no lack or limitation.  We are powerful Warriors designed to thrive in all areas of life.

Our fellow warriors community is high conscious community of men who are committed to being the oak tree in the midst of the storm.  To provide and protect their tribe.  Our Warriors are committed to being a true masculine presence in this confusing society.  Honoring women, creating an environment where we uplift each other and strive to be the best we can. 

Warriors in health, wealth, relationships & spiritual connection.

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